Pimp to the mouth-breathers

Bird, with the first Easter lily bloom behind him. 

Bird, with the first Easter lily bloom behind him. 

Mad Marriage Musings from Chloe and Stave

Me: Like, I don’t get why I’d have to ask only my female friends to be in my bridal party. Some of my closest friends are guys. It’s all a load of shit.

Stave: Right, when I get married, my bridal party - or whatever you want to call it - will be gender blind. How do people still cling to this stuff? I don’t get it. 

Me: Like, live your life people. Live your freaking lives.

Stave: Life is too damned short anyway. Like, we are all going to die. At any minute. And the world is going to explode and go away and then it’ll all be over. So do whatever the hell you want with your wedding.

Me: Preach.

Reasons Why Not

Can’t and won’t and
why and how
Objectifiers of the now
placing fault upon the “must”
It’s in the heart that one should trust

IL love you forever. 

IL love you forever. 

What Lady, What Lamb


I’m at the Metro again, watching Lady Lamb the Beekeeper tend to a roomful of hornets. Happy drones guzzling beer, swaying, paying homage to the queen on a Thursday.

Her voice is less like honey and more the stabby, other end of a yellow jacket. A threatening barb that knows how to deliver over and over.

She wears black pants, boots, guitar. She spits black and lets black dribble out the side of her mouth. Her eyebrow quotation marks bend in and away from one another guiding her eyes anywhere anywhere other than to whatever stringed thing she happens to hold in her hands. 

She strums you through birds being born and suicide love splats. Over rivers and past fuck yous. Until finally her honeycombed bee eyes see you into a reverse fairy tale. Where you listen, helplessly, as those two chubby German kids get gobbled by the witch - then break free, skipping and singing only to be eaten up again.


I will not let you go
No further than my cat
Little pet upon a string
Trained rat
I’d rather you fat and useless
than leaving

Vivian Maier’s Signature


Two a’s, neither of which connect fully and so look like little u’s instead. “Miss Muier, the doctor will see you now.” Her i dots fall just slightly right: three moons competing to beat back beyond the horizon. Flourishes on both the V and M, which stand tall and proud before giving way to chaotic sloppiness. Caring and then not caring so much. Compulsion giving way to so many boxes of undeveloped life.

Space between the V, the v, the i, the M. Anything would have trouble connecting to those little faker a’s. A cooked smiling curve down the second i to a disfigured e. Culminating in an r which looks more like an afterthought than a real ending.

The formal mark of a vampira too afraid to leave much more than that. Swatting at an empty reflection, stealing shots of her shadow instead. Lurking towards humanity like a life beggar grasping for a slice.

Spring, Almost

The frailty of winter
The coming of the spring
A roundabout recession
A bifurcated ring
Split thing
Thing turning back onto itself
Sweet within a jar
High upon a shelf
A little bird inside her nest
Seen yet out of reach
Our hearts are masters of the cold
Warm lessons must we soon them teach

Photo of a Couple, One Who’s Dead and One Who’s Not


We’re in a forest and water is moving hard behind them. They must be on a bridge, but you can’t tell that because the photo cuts off at their knees. So instead, they hover. A couple of Jesus-es. Water walking, bread breaking, self-less love giving.

With that staff he’s holding, he actually looks a little like Jesus. It’s not actually a staff, it’s a walking stick, but he grips it so hard he looks like he’s leading Jews out of Israel.

Like the way he grips her.

We only see one of her arms. It’s the one with the faintest glimmer of a wedding ring on it. Or, if there is no ring, it’s like it’s foreshadowing a ring. Oh ghost ring that knows so much, why can’t you also predict her untimely death, struck down by a drunk, blackness coming on faster than an angry night can push the sun.

He stares so seriously at the camera. The shadows on the right side of his face form deep pools for his eyes to swim in.

Too many shadows for such a bright day.  

She left him, you know. Or did he leave her? They left each other, but then he won her back. Felt the love thing clawing at him, like so much doom and destiny. Nails ripping right down the back.

They’re so far over to the left they’re almost falling out of the shot, but his staff holds steady and they stand and stare. Not seeing the whitecaps behind them. The rushing, snickering thing just beginning to lap at their heels. The biting mite that will nibble his memory away so that he can’t even remember he had a wife. And is she dead or alive? And did he kill her? He brought her here, didn’t he? Isn’t that like killing her?

But no more of this. The photo shows a striped and sunny day.
While we may linger for a while, our couple’s there to stay.