August 4, 2014
Of Queens and Crowns

I’m horizontal and a man is sticking a drill in my mouth. Such is that bastard the dentist. I’m physically shaking with stress and my mouth must be stressed too, because old boy dentist has given me six shots of Novocain and I’m still jolting every time he digs in the drill.

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August 1, 2014
Dreams Responding to Dreams

Oh hello, I was just calling to find out more about what that cutting board looked like in your dream? And the ugly hat? I too, had craaazy dreams last night. Honey, I dreamt that we were driving in this old Buick, like a maroon Buick, and I was driving in the car. My mom was driving next to me and Jeff was in the back seat. And I was lost and they would not help me get to where I needed to go. Jeff was in the back seat  laughing and my mom kept saying, “Just keep driving, just keep driving.” And I was driving down this country road and I drove right into a cornfield and got a flat tire in the Buick, and then the Buick was stuck and it started raining. And they weren’t helping me and I was like, terrified. And it wasn’t like, a bright and sunny cornfield. It was sunny, but like, dark sunny, if that makes sense? Anyway, that was my dream. I wish you were in that dream because you could have helped.  

July 28, 2014
Faith and the Empty

I’m sitting in the grass, staring up at a man asleep on his backpack. My own back is up against a tree and it kind of hurts but it kind of feels good - like a massage - a little wake up call for the trapezius muscles.

"I’m about to be thirty," I think; a thought which has become more and more regular as that particular birthday crawls closer.

I’ve certainly felt heavier this year. Not in poundage, but in tiredness of the limbs. As if the earth has to pull all that much harder to keep you on it.

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July 24, 2014
Wide damned open

I’m trying really hard to be everything. Funny and honest and serious and dirty and playful and righteous and careful and not careful at all. The real self of me isn’t those things. Or it’s all of those things but quieter. Muted. I’m so sick of trying to be it all. And for whom exactly? Just who do I think is watching. Wide open eyes theirs are.

July 21, 2014
Further From Fine

I like to lay down
not stay up
I like most not to work
My jerk brain wants to eat it
and sop up food 
and books
and cook the damn computer
and kill the one who made it
The trixy bitch
undoing life
one cross stitch at a time
Embedding our heads with the load of it all 
Leading us further from fine

July 18, 2014
Vaguely Wrong

"Oh I’ve hit a deer with my car before," says my friend as our van careens though the wild woods of Connecticut. "It’s one of the uglier things that can happen to you in life."

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July 16, 2014

Coffee, man. I need it like headaches and ex-boyfriends. Like tossing back a nervous breakdown. Still, it’s a thing that I drink. Weekly, daily. And what’s the fun of decaf? No good being a poser. Better to steadily drown in hyper paranoia with the rest of the joe slugging world.   

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July 14, 2014
Woolf Reality

“What is meant by ‘reality’? It would seem to be something very erratic, very undependable—now to be found in a dusty road, now in a scrap of newspaper in the street, now a daffodil in the sun. It lights up a group in a room and stamps some casual saying. It overwhelms one walking home beneath the stars and makes the silent world more real than the world of speech—and then there it is again in an omnibus in the uproar of Piccadilly. Sometimes, too, it seems to dwell in shapes too far away for us to discern what their nature is. But whatever it touches, it fixes and makes permanent. That is what remains over when the skin of the day has been cast into the hedge; that is what is left of past time and of our loves and hates.”

-Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Mull over reality. Then check out New Yorker Joshua Rothman’s latest piece on Woolf and privacy. 

July 7, 2014

Without a doubt, I like the alone person. The mover away from, the buyer of self. Difficult to have meaningful thought around loud people - Like a sick sponge, you soak up whatever life juice they squirt your way.

Better to just shut it sometimes. Retreat like crabs and snails into other, larger things more capable of holding all the thought gunk within you. 

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July 4, 2014
Forget You the Days

I’m here. I’m in bed, though that’s been a different place every night these days. Tonight it’s in a hotel, awaiting my best friend’s wedding. Last night, it was in a rock of a dorm bed, sifting future thoughts, tomb sleeping.

You talk like this when you’re exhausted, trust me.

And I’m exhausted. I may as well have a baby, with the amount of sleep I’m netting lately. But no, no baby. Just brain spawn, mind spit up. So many life diapers to change, toys to pick up.

There’s too many of them, so instead they sprawl. A paint gallon red across the wood floor. A door. An open, a shut.

A help me, I can’t. A never, a won’t.

Stubborn life, get over it. Wife yourself into shape.

Fake it till you ache it. Praise, aways. 

Snuff me a life ciggy. Haze, amaze.

Hurt you my hand. Forget you the days. 

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